The Wonders of the World

A Journey Through the Seven Wonders

DECEMBER 14th, 2022

Chichen Itza - Mexico

Built by the Mayan people around the 11th century. It stands 79 feet above the main plaza.

Colosseum – Italy

Built in 70 and 80 AD, measures 620 by 513 feet and was the largest amphitheater in the world.

Great Wall Of China

The largest man-made structure, over 5,000 miles long and commenced in the 7th century BC.

Machu Picchu – Peru

An ancient Incan city, built in the 15th century and was rediscovered in 1911

Petra – Jordan

One of the oldest cities, established by the Nabataean Arabs in 300 BC and rediscovered in 1812.

Taj Mahal – India

One of the most beautiful and well-known building, built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. 

Christ The Redeemer – Brazil

A world-famous statue, built in 1931 and stands at 98 feet and has an arm span of 92 feet.